About Company

We offer complex services in the spheres of reclamation work, earth works, construction, demolition and project performance. The knowhow we benefit from today results from the activities and experiences of several generations of employees stretching over nearly 50 years.

We are particularly engaged in establishing and operating spoil banks, dump sites and sludge beds, earth works conducted with the use of heavy machinery and explosives, construction works, specialised earth works, demolitions, the construction of waste storage space, the liquidation of industrial wastes including removal via transportation, the decontamination of contaminated earth, the rectification of historical environmental burdens and the revival of functions of landscapes impacted by mining activities. We operate waste storage and recycle secondary raw materials.

We avail ourselves of longstanding experience and trained employees who are provided with our own special technologies, thus we are extremely well qualified when it comes to removing historical environmental burdens, performing sanitisation during land reclamation works, demolitions, earth works and maintenance of tracts of land.